Job - Next Phase of my life!

That's been a very long time to make my blog live again. Here I'm sharing a part of my life.

In the world of dark, there sparkled a light. One fine day got results of an exam which lead me to attend interview of a reputed company. Was tensed, feared & lot of emotions at a time. Was sitting among 1000s & 1000s of people. I knew about my luck, thought it just gonna be one among my job hunt companies were I flunked. I was called for 1 - 1, after waiting for 1/2hour I was asked to follow a person who made me to sit in front of another HR  by which I came to know that I cleared the previous one,  again was waiting. One more person took me to a room where they checked my certificates & stuffs, I was urged to know whether I’m selected or not & to my surprise the result was positive. My joy had no bounds,  was flying. My joining process happened in short span.  I waited patiently with hopes  for 10months & as a pay for my pain I got a good job in a well-known company, was filled with happiness like confetti.

1st day:
We were asked to report to a place from where we got our academy training location. I was feeling weird to enter a hall full of unknown persons. But later I just broke the ice, started a small chat with the people next to me. We had few welcome talks by senior & experienced geeks. Evening around 6:30 we all came to know the details, the very next day we must report at our tagged locations. I got a place which takes a travel of 3hours from my home. Down the line, that day was kinda bore.

Academy life:
Random set of people have been caged into a single room. First day, I just spoke with 2 people. Then, I felt very comfortable with my mates because 17/20 were with my language background, rest 3 too mingled up soon. It’s a learning phase. Day-by-day everyone became a good pal, it didn’t take me a long time to mingle with them, I had few close friends too. Everyday something new would happen (either good or bad) we would always be ready to ‘expect the unexpected things’ to happen (This is a famous dialogue of one of the nerd in my batch) we had soooo many hurdles to sustain in the company, we toggled yet, balanced. Peer learning helped us a lot, everyone with no egoism shared whatever they know. The exit tests were one big heck, thankfully we sustained.

Friends & Besties:
I never expected that people even after joining company would friendly enough. Our batch had so funny moments, serious phase, many emotional stuffs. We had certain interactive classes apart from training which helped us to tighten our bond much more. In specific I belong to a group of seven, 4 boys & 3 girls. We 7 can be otherwise called as crack pots (I will be beaten, when they 6 read it) For anything or everything we end up in treat (It could be even when we flunk) 20rs ice-cream scoops, 15rs corn, puff, dairy milk, biriyani are our regular treats. We have crazy ride moments too. There is a girl who stood behind all my emotional phases.  All these happened just in  4.5months, couldn’t realize how the days went. Though we didn’t hang out, we were enjoyed inside the academy.

Bus travel:
As said before, I must travel everyday 2hours in morning which takes 3hours in evening because of traffic. I thought my travel would make me sick. But no, I was enjoying. My bus had mixed people of experienced & freshers. None were with any attitude, we were like a family. Everyday fun, games & entertainment. It really made my travel cozy. They guided, protected & cared like their own sister. Though my body didn’t bear the pains because of travel. My mind was calm & cool. We worked (actually trained) even on Saturdays. During Saturdays we had combined routes (for working people its leave) because of which I got to know lots of people. It would be funny when I walk in academy with my gang, every now & then someone will greet me. I was very happy with my surroundings.

Finally the day came for us to be scattered, we got released. We been scattered to different  location for our project. Now realizing a professional life. Though people are around to talk, feeling bit lonely. My project life ahead, let’s see how far it goes.

A part of my life been shared.. It’s just to show this is how life was for me in this past 6months. I’m sure everyone’s life be the same with all ups & downs, filled with surprises, expecting ‘What is next’. Sail along with the tides of your life, you will find so many interesting pearls & precious stones when you go deep. Remember, you'll come across sharks too but don’t be scared. You can tackle with your patience. Be humble,  Live the moment.  
Remember your primary rhymes ‘Row, row, row the boat ; Gently to the shore’


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