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You're Beautiful

I happened to watch a korean drama recently, 'You're Beautiful' Obviously with english subtitles ;) It has 16 parts, each of an hour video. Its a comedy + love kinda drama. I just love two songs from this drama I wish to share it with english translation. Before that a short synopsis about the story is over here.

Go Min nyu, a girl who is just getting practiced to become a nun but her twin brother, Go Min Nam becomes an idol of music and as a fruit of his success he gets an opportunity to be one of the vocalist in a famous A.N.Jell band. Since he leaves abroad for his surgery, she replaces her twin brother's place in order to find their parents. She admires the members of the band (Tae Kyung, Shinwoo, Jeremy) and fall in love with Tae Kyung. Though the company is unaware about the truth (she is a girl) her troop members find her in certain situations, but they don't reveal it and keep it as secret and help her. The story revolves around her unspoken love, and the …

BIOME, an organic car

Mercedes-Benz is taking "green" technology to a whole new level. Unveiled at the Los Angeles Design Challenge, the Mercedes BIOME is the first concept car to move away from the heavy metal production line and move into the lab. Mercedes-Benz has re-envisioned the one ton steel standard, designing a car made out of a steel-alternative called BioFibre. BioFibre is lighter than metal and plastic yet stronger than steel.
Weighing in at about 876 pounds (397.3 kg), the car would be made by growing a material called BioFibre, an organic material lighter than metal and plastic, yet stronger than steel and would also be entirely biodegradable.  In total, there are six laboratory-designed BioFibre seeds which will grow into the car, and each seed will look like the signature Mercedes-Benz star. 
The interior of the BIOME will spawn from the DNA of the star on the front of the car, and the exterior will germinate from a star on the back of the car.  Each wheel will also be grown by four…