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Bloom box

The bloom box which is actually called as "Bloom energy server" developed by the company named Bloom energy in 2002. It has a solid oxide fuel cell, through which it could generate an enormous amount of electricity in the workshops its been used. The fuel cell is made of protons that could withstand the ceramic electricity. Its outer layer is protected by green nickel oxide-based ink. It works 6 times faster than that of solar energy. The main advantage of this Bloom box is, it doesn't pollute the environment. It emits energy that is good for all the living beings.

The speciality of this bloom box, turned the world's attention to it. The founder, Mr.Sridhar says, "The flat disk in bloom box generates the needed electricity. There is no big secrets behind, it just needs some sand and two types of inks. The produced electricity doesn't need any big transformers, electric conductors or poles   to transport and save current. To put it in simple words, this magi…