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Our next generation "?"

I'm in a midst state.. Don't know how really I wanna feel.. "About our next generation" one side I'm proud, happy that each and every young minds having a clear-cut idea of what they doing; what they wanna do.. They see themselves in their future position. Being too responsible.. I'm coming across lots and lots of students who really make their decision right for their well cherished future.. It's pleasure to know that they work towards progress developing themselves & their surroundings.
They start at the age; like 12th, college 1st or 2nd year. They involve in enormous fields and place their foot. They aren't narrow minded, concentrating only on studies (that doesn't mean they don't study) apart they wanna work for them and their country's development, being Eco-friendly and humanitarian. Those are  stupendous. Wish everyone must be the same.. However, its not practically possible.
And there I feel the other side, today while coming…

Miss you

When I see you, I feel I'm flying in your love lingers.
When you talk to me, I feel too sweet, swinging in your words.
When you touch me, I feel something magical been sparkled upon me. 
When you kiss me, I feel I'm filled with felicity of heaven.
When you hug me, I feel a melodic music played around me.
When I be with you, I feel complete.
When you scold me, I feel you have rights.
When you fight with me, I feel its cute between relationship.
When you betray me, I feel chaos, but will trust only you again and again.
When I betray you, I feel like killing myself, would hate me to the core.
When I couldn't see u, I feel nostalgic, will cry hard.
When you share stuffs with me, I feel like I'm your diary.
When you smile or laugh, I feel you like a cute child giggling.
When you cry for something, I feel like patting your head, and say I'm there.
When you talk or be with someone, I feel possessive and slap you.
Upon all I wanna be with you forever and ever. I feel sayin…