Why I'm here?

I came to this world as a symbol of my parent's love. When I was a child, my world was simply amazing with innocence and smiles. I was too happy. I know nothing about life or pain till I turn 13. And at that age, though I was small, I was matured. Knew all family stuffs, started doing many of my household works. With lots of struggles , my father gave me a biggest asset, "Education". I was neither brilliant nor dull student, just learned my best. But I'm sure my knowledge would make me to survive. I'm a kinda girl; bold, daring, naughty and contradictory to all mentioned emotionally weak. I love helping people, and make them smile. Would make myself a joker to bring smile on my circle's face. But still I don't know Why I'm here? 

I been brought up with so many restrictions. They were so orthodox. Never let me to be free or take my own decisions. Under the name of strictness, they took my freedom. I must also admit some small small happy moments were/are there. But still couldn't live my life completely. So Why I'm here?

I thought I could at least be happy with friends, I love to make friends. But, unfortunately whether its my fate or what I don't know, no one stays longer. They become so close, share stuffs, laugh together, have fun and with their foot-prints leave from me with various reasons. I'm confused whether they are coming in my life as passing clouds or vice versa. But, everyone still own their place in my heart. I'm now remainded again with pains. Why I'm here?

Some magical moments happened in my life, which I never expected. I was set free, I been myself, I was extremely happy. Haven't been so happy like that in my lifetime. Thought, as medicine for all my pains I was bearing these years, God has given me this much of happiness. I was too blessed & was blissed. My happiness didn't stay longer.. :( Haaa....

I believe, "God has a purpose, for giving birth to each & every soul in this world" Why I'm here? for you? or because of you......


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