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Chali chaliga allindi - Mr.Perfect

One of my most favorite song from my favorite movie "Mr.perfect"
The Music & the lyrics.... Omg it just drive me crazy.
Even the visual composition would be so loving.
Wish to share the lyrics, along with its translation in English.
Because I want everyone to feel the essence of the song! :)

Chali chaliga allindi gili giliga gillindi..
Neevaipe mallindi manasu..
(cold is creeping,tickling and pinching
and my heart turned towards you)

Chita pata chindesthundi atu itu dookesthundi..
Sathamathamai pothundi vayasu..
(it is dancing crazily, jumping here and there
and my age getting confused)

Chinni chinni chinni chinni ashalu yevevo..
Gichi gichi gichi gichi pothunnaayi..
Chitti chitti chitti chitti oosulu inkevo..
Guchi guchi champesthunnayi..
(little little little little wishes there
they are pinching me
small small small small thoughts there
they are poking & killing me)

Nuvvu nathone unnattu na needavainattu..
Nanne chusthunnattu oohalu..
Nuvvu na oopirainattu…

Why I'm here?

I came to this world as a symbol of my parent's love. When I was a child, my world was simply amazing with innocence and smiles. I was too happy. I know nothing about life or pain till I turn 13. And at that age, though I was small, I was matured. Knew all family stuffs, started doing many of my household works. With lots of struggles , my father gave me a biggest asset, "Education". I was neither brilliant nor dull student, just learned my best. But I'm sure my knowledge would make me to survive. I'm a kinda girl; bold, daring, naughty and contradictory to all mentioned emotionally weak. I love helping people, and make them smile. Would make myself a joker to bring smile on my circle's face. But still I don't know Why I'm here? 
I been brought up with so many restrictions. They were so orthodox. Never let me to be free or take my own decisions. Under the name of strictness, they took my freedom. I must also admit some small small happy moments were/…