Go gorgeous girls

Being a girl, everyone would love have a trendy look. A girl feels so blissed if she looks gorgeous. So beauty plays a vital role in every women's life. Here lets go gorgeous girls...

* The first and foremost beauty is smile. So always have a blush in your face.
* Next comes the appearance, few tips and tunes for it..
  • Before you start a make over, scrub your face with ice cubes holded in cotton cloth. (If you have sensitive skin, do not use)
  • Apply any serum or moisturizer to make your skin glow.
  • Then have a touch up with compact powder.
  • Your eyes present max of your beauty, so doing eye-make up gives a tremendous elegance. Make sure you do perfectly else avoid it.
  • If you are doing blusher make up, have a smiling face and do. Else it gives an irregular or artificial appearance.
  • Your lip stain must be a contrast with your dress. (Light color lipstain for dark dress and vice versa)
* The last but not the least one, is your inner beauty.. The way how you present yourself.. Makes you more elegant.

Have a positive attitude and have a self-esteem.

Make yourself comfortable with the outside world.

Don't put yourself down, dare the world with confidence. Lets go girl.

Courtesy: Shamili.


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