My sweet little Karthi ♥

My karthi 
   Few months back, I went to my cousin's baby born function. She already had a 2.5 year old kid named "KARTHIK" Everyone who came to the function where matured people. I was left alone. Simply with regular blushes & smiles I was greeting everyone. Then my karthi who was charming, playful was stealing my attention with his naughty behaviors & smiles. Even he was unnoticed like me. So I just dragged him near, in few mins we became close. I forgot my surroundings & turned childish, playing with him.

   My cousin came and thanked me for taking care of her kid. I actually was happy with him. He didn't go to anyone, even to his grand parents. And they looking at me, were giving a weird expression. So I just asked him to go. He obeyed me and went to them, answering them, he was making sure whether I'm beside. I was admiring him completely. So I stood there. Later he just got down from his grandma's lap and ran to me, asking to lift him. I have no other go, did.

   When we were eating, I fed him. That little mischievous, wasted the food by dropping it down. In playful tone, I asked him not to talk with me & I took away my eye contact from him. My poor little fellow, started crying. Awww sweet..! I just consoled him. He ordered me, not to be without talking with him. I bowed. Later, he himself took food from mine & cutely had. He asked whether I'm happy. I kissed him. I was completely heart-filled little fellow seek for my happiness. He was so much attached with me. An amazing day..!

   My cousin, her husband, uncle & aunt was shocked to see him obeying my words. He won't listen to anybody it seems. Actually I didn't do anything. Don't know how it worked between us. I couldn't start from there. He didn't leave me. Then with lots of cry, I happened to say bye to him :( The next day, I got call from my aunt saying, he got sick & he was murmuring 'Archu' (my name) I was heart-throbbed. I spoke, he felt little better. Then he was fine in 2days. Now, a week back my cousin called and said that my funny little karthi wanna marry me..! ha ha ha ha :D

   Its actually a bliss to be with kids. They be so open hearted. You could feel too good to be with them. And you find lots & lots of love. Unknowingly you will be turned childish. You will enjoy your moment for sure.



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