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My sweet little Karthi ♥

Few months back, I went to my cousin's baby born function. She already had a 2.5 year old kid named "KARTHIK" Everyone who came to the function where matured people. I was left alone. Simply with regular blushes & smiles I was greeting everyone. Then my karthi who was charming, playful was stealing my attention with his naughty behaviors & smiles. Even he was unnoticed like me. So I just dragged him near, in few mins we became close. I forgot my surroundings & turned childish, playing with him.

   My cousin came and thanked me for taking care of her kid. I actually was happy with him. He didn't go to anyone, even to his grand parents. And they looking at me, were giving a weird expression. So I just asked him to go. He obeyed me and went to them, answering them, he was making sure whether I'm beside. I was admiring him completely. So I stood there. Later he just got down from his grandma's lap and ran to me, asking to lift him. I have no other…

CAMERing - camera + ring

The CAMERing, was designed by Hyeonsik Studio and Jeon Yengwon.

The CAMERing was designed to be a discreet digital camera that will allow its wearer to take photos on the sly. The camera ring is meant to work with a platform that runs on tablets, which lets the user browse the shots that have already been taken earlier.

Many updates in gadgets been done in recent technology trends. Pens with video recorders, glasses with homing devices, and guns fire only if the right person is holding it. Added to the list is the CAMERing. The name itself defines the device, a ring with a camera cleverly embedded into it.

This is something cool and easy to capture clicks and it could be embedded to our PC, Laptop & Smart phones too.