MagicScroll for Chrome

   Generally we’ll navigate a Web page by using the vertical scroll bar, the scroll wheel on your mouse or perhaps the arrow buttons on your keyboard. But the MagicScroll Web reader transforms each page into a book-like interface, making it easier to read long articles without distraction. After you install the extension, you’ll see a small book icon in the toolbar at the top. You click this on any Web page, and it magically transform the page into a MagicScroll book.
    “It’s hard to read on the Web,” says MagicScroll developer Richard Wallis. “Your favorite newspaper or magazine probably lets you read articles on its website. It’s convenient but there are a couple of drawbacks. Compared with print, you’re less likely to finish the article, you’ll read it slower, you’ll skip over sentences and your comprehension will go down.”
        Wallis says there are a couple of common sense explanations for this, such as Facebook or email distractions, or even the backlight. But Wallis reckons these explanations are wrong. “Distractions and backlighting don’t help, but they’re insignificant compared with the real problem which you haven’t noticed. You haven’t noticed it for the same reason you wouldn’t notice that a particular swan is white if you’d never seen a black one.”
    Wallis adds that scrolling, as you know it, is a great way to experience online maps, or even an Excel spreadsheet, but not so much for text. “That’s because scrolling moves the text on a page,” says Wallis. “And moving text, even if it’s under your control, will break your reading rhythm.”
Click here  for how it works & it is the source. 


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