First Interview

  It was just a couple of days back at late night, I came to know about my interview. I was delightful & privileged to know that I'm one among 8 students eligible to attend from my department. The next day ran to my college to get attestation and to complete few formalities. The day came, it took 1 and half hours of travel to reach the spot. I was blank, shivering, nervous, above all had confidence too. I was stunned to see the students gathered there like an ocean. My random guess of heads counted, would be 5000+ To my bliss, I was flying when my name been called out for clearing my 1st round of apps.

  We were then sent to another block for our 2nd level of selection process, Group discussion (GD). For a moment I remembered the "Factory made" show in Discovery channel. A step-by-step process to get the product they wish *wink* I entered a room with two recruiters in the panel. My room was with 20 candidates including me. Our topic was "Unemployment in India", they gave us 5mins time to prepare, to be honest for 3mins I was thinking "I'm here sitting unemployed, what I gonna speak??" Somehow spoke, and I was selected too. I didn't have my lunch that day..! My day just ended happy :)

  I reached home by 9. So much of pains after a 3 hours travel in my busy chennai. I was said, the next day would be with technical & personal HR, also articulation test. And I must report there by 8 sharp. I was totally exhausted, though my physic did not support me I didn't give up. Prepared my best till 1:30. Next day started by 6 in the morning. There were around 1000 students. Finally my turn came, I was so pressurized but didn't show up. The HR was so humble & soft. Just asked to tell about me. I said, he breaked me then & there, asked about my area of interest, my convince towards their job.

  He asked me to wait for a while, after coming out I realized he neither asked me much questions on technical nor gone through my certificates. We were just interacting. Then a man came & called me, he was the one who called me inside too. He whispered, "You can leave for the day, Sorry u haven't been shortlisted". I became blank. I couldn't get what mistake I made. Simply gave a fake smile & left. I felt my whole world became dark, my blood became cold. So much of questions, frustration, struggles; these were ruling me. Many consoled, I'm thankful to those souls. That night I slept with tears & pains. But, the next day I started with a smile learning stuffs from my previous day. It was me & my friend got selected for the 2nd day. And she is placed, honestly feeling so happy for her.

  Fingers crossed, "Let the end of experiences in 2012, bloom with a good career in 2013". My last blog on last day of the year. Wish u all a fabulous New year ahead. Happy 2013 :)


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