Rash drivers!

        Days back, I been for shopping with my sister. While returning home we just came in a share-auto. The driver was driving so rash, even after we asked him to be slow. Actually, he was competing with his fellow-driver aside! A lady got into the auto as the 4th person (last person). Unfortunately, her leg was slightly protruded outside the auto. And that bloody idiot to overcome his fellow-mate just drove the auto so close to the parking area of a shop, among which a bike hit the lady's knee, and she started bleeding. It was all way flowing towards her feet. It was so pathetic to see her, just a minute ago she got into the auto and met with an accident like this. The bike's seat, which hit her just flown away, then just imagine how fast he might have drove. He was so merciless, made all of us get down and started to make a move! Later she been taken to hospital and people near caught him to police! But just think about the lady, her pain, her blood loss. Couldn't see her cry, it was so pity. This is just one example, million and millions of accident happens everyday, among which many happens because of careless driving. Even in my own life, I met with an accident by my college bus. The same way, my driver used to drove rashly and compete with others. Once though he applied break, our bus didn't stop. It just went and hit to the opposite vehicle. The front glass were broken into sizzling bits. Thought my life could end over there. Fortunately, nothing happened big to us! Why this happens? They just compete with their parallel vehicles. It just became their mentality (I don't blame everyone, few are like this) I merely don't understand whats the bloody use of it, they simply wanna prove their co-drivers, that they are elegant and efficient in driving! Road is not the race course to compete with the vehicles aside and win laurels. I don't know whether any auto,bus or taxi driver could read my blog. (If that happens, I consider that as my boon) But who reads this will drive in your daily life. Bike, car anything just maintain a normal speed. Don't try to compete with your fellow-mates. If they do let them, let the change begin from you! Its just my humble request. Slow drive, saves life. 


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