Earth Arts

Checkerboard Ground, London Volunteers cut a checkerboard design into the lawn at London’s National Trust Ham House Garden—the 17th-century residence of the Duchess of Lauderdale.

Celtic Horse, Slovakia This 330-by-330-foot (100-by-100-meter) geoglyph, or stone sculpture, was painstakingly built in Slovakia by Australian artist Andrew Rogers.The Celtic horse, unveiled in 2008, was modelled after the drawings on a coin found under the 12th-century Spis (accent on the s) castle.
Celestial Vault, the Netherlands  The Celestial Vault is a 98-by-131-foot (30-by-40-meter) wide artificial crater scooped out of sand dunes along the Netherlands’ coast.
Crop Circles, England Crop circles decorate a wheat field in Wiltshire County, England. This southwestern region of the U.K. is also famous for the prehistoric monument Stonehenge.
Nasca Lines, Peru
From the air, you can see ancient spiders, hummingbirds, and other creatures carved into Peruvian ground.Archaeologists and other interested parties have described them as the remnants of old roads, irrigation schemes, astronomical calendars, even as alien landing strips, or images to be admired from primitive hot-air balloons.
Palm Islands, Dubai Palm Jumeirah is one of three offshore resort and housing developments for the uber rich. Together, the islands may be the world’s largest land reclamation project, with Jumeirah alone requiring up to seven million tons of rock.

Circle in the Sand, Oregon Artist Jim Denevan rakes sand to create expansive designs that the tide will promptly wash away. This swirl, drawn on Canon Beach in Oregon in 2005, is just one of dozens of very temporary installations Denevan has imprinted on the Earth. 

Spiral Jetty, Utah This work of art—called Spiral Jetty—is a seminal example of Earth or land art. Built in 1970 with mud, 6,650 tons of basalt rock, and the help of contractors, the jetty is 1,500 feet (457 meters) long.

Star Axis, New Mexico The tunnel is part of a larger sculpture called Star Axis, an 11-story concept that artist Charles Ross birthed in 1971 and started building years later.

Sun Tunnels, Utah Sun Tunnels is the configuration of four 18-foot-long (5.5-meter-long) and 9-foot-wide (2.7-meter-wide) cement pipes that have been strategically perforated to highlight celestial constellations, as well as the sun during the summer and winter solstices.



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