Being alone, without feeling lonely!

I came to this world alone, gonna leave this world alone.. In between why to be alone??

Oh my god,
What did I do.. I love to be surrounded with sweet people who loves and cares me.. You gave them.. Thank you for that.. but why did u take them back? You made me to show love on all, unconditionally..  but why I don't get back? I cry everyday, no one knows about my pain.. I smile everyday, no one knows its fake.. No one could understand my words, since they couldn't understand my silence.. It actually hurts much when some one who made me feel special yesterday makes me feel like I'm nobody today.. This normally happens in all relationships.. Love, friendship...

Oh my love, 
Thought you will never leave me as you promised.. but you left.. One day I'm sure you will ask me what I love more, You or my life, and when I say My life, you will again leave me without knowing 'You are my life' If you are not for me, why? I'm thinking about you.. why? My heart beats for you.. why? My eyes want to see you.. why? In my prayers to God, I want you because I'm invited in your love,  listen my dear love, I love you ♥

Oh my friend,
My gift given by god, thought you will be with me.. But, you don't even hear me, why? now you too became busy with your love.. I don't know whether to stop you or to support.. anyway you gonna do what you wish.. I hope you still will be with be forever.. Whatever I wish you should always be good, listen my dear friend, I love you ♥

Oh my nature,
You are the one who accompany me all the time.. Have you ever felt so alone and nothing makes sense? Well, that's how I feel right now.. I'm facing everything by myself with nothing left but tears and fake smile..  Why do you kill me with memories, when I come to you to get comfort? But you hide my tears with your rain & make me chill with your zephyr.. thank you! listen my dear nature, I love you ♥ 

Being alone, without feeling lonely..


  1. Heart touching ... really natural feelings
    Super .... Wonderful! ... I Like
    Come with me

  2. learnt to be alone without feeling lonely!!

  3. Beautiful.... Each line lingers in my mind and expressed very nicely!!!


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