Help old aged people! Care for them.

       Once i came home in share auto, the auto driver might be around 50-55 yrs old. And later a old man (may be around 70 yrs) and a teen age guy was standing in a stop. The driver asked the old man to get in and said a sorry to that guy! I was just watching this sitting at the back. He got into the auto and sat next to the driver! when he got down, he paid the money. The driver refused his money and asked him to reach home safe. He was too caring with the old man! I was pleased, seeing the auto driver reaction. I have even noted the auto number. I feel like doing some thing to the driver :) Wow! we all should learn this, at the old age every soul is like a child. Be caring & help them. God will bless us with good will. Not only the old peoples, try to be caring and affectionate with every one. Never hurt people.


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