Hello readers! 2day, 25th may is a special day for my special person. I'm happy to create my blog on this day. I'm a girl who used to listen to stories than on reading. Once my fellow-mate suggested a book 'Five point some one' by chetan ji, that was my 1st novel to read! thereby I am addicted on reading. The list went on with twilight series, One night @ the call center, I too had a love story, Are you afraid of dark and so on. My last novel was Revolution 2020. Exactly last may i started reading, in 1 year I got passion on writing. Upon that i visited many blogs which highly inspired me to create My own blog. Coming to my block name 'adorablearchana' I tried with my all my favorite names,though its available I couldn't make it public right now! Hope to change in future ;) So I just added an adjective which describes me in a single word to my blog readers! I'll be blogging about my passionate stuffs and interests. So here you go with your friend.



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