Job - Next Phase of my life!

That's been a very long time to make my blog live again. Here I'm sharing a part of my life.
Interview: In the world of dark, there sparkled a light. One fine day got results of an exam which lead me to attend interview of a reputed company. Was tensed, feared & lot of emotions at a time. Was sitting among 1000s & 1000s of people. I knew about my luck, thought it just gonna be one among my job hunt companies were I flunked. I was called for 1 - 1, after waiting for 1/2hour I was asked to follow a person who made me to sit in front of another HR  by which I came to know that I cleared the previous one,  again was waiting. One more person took me to a room where they checked my certificates & stuffs, I was urged to know whether I’m selected or not & to my surprise the result was positive. My joy had no bounds,  was flying. My joining process happened in short span.  I waited patiently with hopes  for 10months & as a pay for my pain I got a good job in a well-…

Smarty Ring

Now the world in our fingers. Yes! The Smarty Ring enables you to control your smartphone, without even getting it out of your bag or pocket. You can receive and make calls, trigger the camera, control music and even can change your pic with "The Ring"

You will be notified for,
- Incoming & outgoing calls. - Text and E-Mail messages - Real time updates from Facebook,Twitter,Hangout & Skype.
Its bluetooth 4.0 technology lets you always get real time updates. Your smartphone connects to the ring via an app and is compatible with both Android and iOS. The battery withstand upto 24 hours. It checks two time zones, has countdown timer, stop clock and alarm too. It replaces your watch.

Most spectacular thing is tracking your phone,
- Alert your phone when you lost in the crowd. - Alert goes off even if your phone is in silent mode - Beeps when your phone is more than 30 feet away from you.
It is made of allergy free metal so nothing happens even if you wear it 24X7. The d…

You're Beautiful

I happened to watch a korean drama recently, 'You're Beautiful' Obviously with english subtitles ;) It has 16 parts, each of an hour video. Its a comedy + love kinda drama. I just love two songs from this drama I wish to share it with english translation. Before that a short synopsis about the story is over here.

Go Min nyu, a girl who is just getting practiced to become a nun but her twin brother, Go Min Nam becomes an idol of music and as a fruit of his success he gets an opportunity to be one of the vocalist in a famous A.N.Jell band. Since he leaves abroad for his surgery, she replaces her twin brother's place in order to find their parents. She admires the members of the band (Tae Kyung, Shinwoo, Jeremy) and fall in love with Tae Kyung. Though the company is unaware about the truth (she is a girl) her troop members find her in certain situations, but they don't reveal it and keep it as secret and help her. The story revolves around her unspoken love, and the …

BIOME, an organic car

Mercedes-Benz is taking "green" technology to a whole new level. Unveiled at the Los Angeles Design Challenge, the Mercedes BIOME is the first concept car to move away from the heavy metal production line and move into the lab. Mercedes-Benz has re-envisioned the one ton steel standard, designing a car made out of a steel-alternative called BioFibre. BioFibre is lighter than metal and plastic yet stronger than steel.
Weighing in at about 876 pounds (397.3 kg), the car would be made by growing a material called BioFibre, an organic material lighter than metal and plastic, yet stronger than steel and would also be entirely biodegradable.  In total, there are six laboratory-designed BioFibre seeds which will grow into the car, and each seed will look like the signature Mercedes-Benz star. 
The interior of the BIOME will spawn from the DNA of the star on the front of the car, and the exterior will germinate from a star on the back of the car.  Each wheel will also be grown by four…

Bloom box

The bloom box which is actually called as "Bloom energy server" developed by the company named Bloom energy in 2002. It has a solid oxide fuel cell, through which it could generate an enormous amount of electricity in the workshops its been used. The fuel cell is made of protons that could withstand the ceramic electricity. Its outer layer is protected by green nickel oxide-based ink. It works 6 times faster than that of solar energy. The main advantage of this Bloom box is, it doesn't pollute the environment. It emits energy that is good for all the living beings.

The speciality of this bloom box, turned the world's attention to it. The founder, Mr.Sridhar says, "The flat disk in bloom box generates the needed electricity. There is no big secrets behind, it just needs some sand and two types of inks. The produced electricity doesn't need any big transformers, electric conductors or poles   to transport and save current. To put it in simple words, this magi…

Our next generation "?"

I'm in a midst state.. Don't know how really I wanna feel.. "About our next generation" one side I'm proud, happy that each and every young minds having a clear-cut idea of what they doing; what they wanna do.. They see themselves in their future position. Being too responsible.. I'm coming across lots and lots of students who really make their decision right for their well cherished future.. It's pleasure to know that they work towards progress developing themselves & their surroundings.
They start at the age; like 12th, college 1st or 2nd year. They involve in enormous fields and place their foot. They aren't narrow minded, concentrating only on studies (that doesn't mean they don't study) apart they wanna work for them and their country's development, being Eco-friendly and humanitarian. Those are  stupendous. Wish everyone must be the same.. However, its not practically possible.
And there I feel the other side, today while coming…

Miss you

When I see you, I feel I'm flying in your love lingers.
When you talk to me, I feel too sweet, swinging in your words.
When you touch me, I feel something magical been sparkled upon me. 
When you kiss me, I feel I'm filled with felicity of heaven.
When you hug me, I feel a melodic music played around me.
When I be with you, I feel complete.
When you scold me, I feel you have rights.
When you fight with me, I feel its cute between relationship.
When you betray me, I feel chaos, but will trust only you again and again.
When I betray you, I feel like killing myself, would hate me to the core.
When I couldn't see u, I feel nostalgic, will cry hard.
When you share stuffs with me, I feel like I'm your diary.
When you smile or laugh, I feel you like a cute child giggling.
When you cry for something, I feel like patting your head, and say I'm there.
When you talk or be with someone, I feel possessive and slap you.
Upon all I wanna be with you forever and ever. I feel sayin…